Coyote Sightings on Trails

Skiers are advised that a number of coyote sightings have occurred early this ski season, including one animal that may have lost its fear of humans and approached a skier.  This is likely the result of the coyote having been fed by someone or accessing human food.

Our trails exist within the natural habitat of many wildlife species and we must coexist with them and appreciate their presence.  The risk to humans from coyotes is generally very low, and loud noises, yelling, raising arms and ski poles, etc. will scare the animal off in most instances.

Please do not feed coyotes or any other wildlife and please pack-out any lunch left overs or other food waste with you. This is also important in detering packrats around the shelters.

If you have an encounter with a coyote or other wildlife that makes you uncomfortable, please advise the club at [email protected].

Thank you, from the Castlegar Nordic Ski Club Executive.