Trail Conditions

Most trails have now been packed and Track-set including Ben Shaw/Booty which is now double track-set. Click 'read more' for more information and individual trail updates.



Trail Grooming / Track Setting Report

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Ski Trail Grooming / Tracking Level

Date Last Groomed / Status

(Generally Updated Late Afternoon)

Single Tracked Double Tracked Groomed Only
Ben Shaw   X   Nov. 18
Booty's   X   Nov. 18
Short Loop Crossing     X Nov. 17
Mid Loop Crossing     X Nov. 17
Mud Lake Loop X     Nov. 17
Rossland-Paulson (Ben Shaw to Huckleberry  


  Nov. 18
Rossland-Paulson (Huckleberry to Glenmerry)* X     Nov. 18
Rossland-Paulson (Glenmerry to Ivar)* X     Nov. 18
Zig-Zag X     Nov. 16
Roller Coaster X     Nov. 16
Connector   X   Nov. 16
Glenmerry Road (Highway to Glenmerry Shelter)   X   Nov. 18
Lamb     X Nov. 12
Ivar X     Nov. 18
Norwegian     X Nov. 12
Gloryview     X Nov. 12
Pine X*     Nov. 18
Snowberry X     Nov. 18
Seal Creek X*     Nov. 18
Old Growth X     Nov. 18
Ridge (Lower Section)     X (x2) Nov. 18
Huckleberry   X   Nov. 18
Winterberry     X Not recommended

* Parts of these trails are set to different levels (i.e., part single tracked, part double tracked.

More Trail Information

Extensive trail packing and track setting have been taking place and nearly all trails are now open and track-set. Skiers are advised that early season conditions still exist and to use caution if skiing. The additional new snow has improved ski conditions considerably since last weekend. The 'Road Closed' signs at the trailheads apply to vehicles only, not skiers.  

Booty's/Ben Shaw Trails are now open and double track-set to the Ben Shaw Shelter and Lower Ridge.

Winterberry Trail has been packed but is not recommended for skiers until we get more snow and colder temperatures.

Norwegian and Gloryview trails have been packed but have thin coverage over rocky areas. These trails could be travelled with caution but are not recommended at this time.

Groomer's choice on Nov. 18: Snowberry/Old Growth.