Trail Conditions

Winter is coming to a scorching end! We're busy pulling all the signage and rescue equipment off the trails. The snow is getting rotten from roasting and refreezing, and with ever warmer temps arriving grooming is finished for the winter.


Have a great summer, see you next winter!

Trail Grooming / Track Setting Report

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Ski Trail Grooming / Tracking Level

Date Last Groomed / Status

(Generally Updated Early Evening)

Single Tracked Double Tracked Groomed Only
Ben Shaw   X   Mar. 12
Booty's   X   Mar. 12
Short Loop Crossing X     Mar. 13
Mid Loop Crossing X     Mar. 13
Mud Lake Loop X     Mar. 12
Rossland-Paulson (Ben Shaw to Roller Coaster)



  Mar. 12
Rossland-Paulson  Roller Coaster to Glenmerry) X     Mar. 12
Rossland-Paulson (Glenmerry to Norwegian) X     Mar. 12
Zig-Zag X     Mar. 13
Roller Coaster X     Mar. 13
Connector X     Mar. 12
Glenmerry Road (Parking lot to Shelter)   X   Mar. 12
Lamb     X Mar. 14
Ivar X     Mar. 12
Norwegian X     Mar. 14
Gloryview X     Mar. 14
Pine   X*   Mar. 14
Snowberry X     Mar. 13
Seal Creek X     Mar. 13
Old Growth X     Mar. 13
Ridge (Lower Section)     X Mar. 13
Huckleberry   X   Mar. 14
Winterberry X     Mar. 14


* Parts of these trails are set to different levels (i.e., part single tracked, part double tracked.

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