Our Facilities

Viking Centre

The Castlegar Nordic Ski Club maintains the Viking Centre at the Mud lake trailhead as well as four A-frame warming shelters throughout the network of cross country ski trails. The A-frame warming shelters were re-constructed to replace the aging plastic covered A-frame structures that served the club and skiers well over the years. Construction was carried out with club funds, volunteers and the donation of materials from the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts.

The new shelters have been designed to reduce future maintenance while at the same time keeping in mind skiers needs. With a large window, a combination of fibre glass panels and metal on the roof, the shelters have good lighting, are weather proof and easily maintained. The concrete floors are considered to be a significant improvement over the traditional wood chips. A good wood stove provides all the heat you need to warm up before the next trail is taken.

Ben Shaw Shelter

This shelter was originally built by Booty Griffiths in the 60’s and replaced in the same location in 2008. Although the original Booty shelter is missed, this new shelter is a very good improvement and is our most heavily used shelter. This shelter can be easily accessed by Booty’s or the Ben Shaw trail which are suitable for family groups, beginner and intermediate skiers.


Glenmerry Shelter

This shelter was replaced in 2007. This is our most remote shelter and is well used by the more adventurous skiers in the club. Located 6 Km from the Glenmerry parking lot and tucked into the trees this is a great destination.

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Nordic Shelter

The Nordic basin shelter was originally built by the Sons of Norway in 1975 and in 2007 was passed on to the Castlegar Nordic Ski Club to maintain. In 2009 it was replaced with a new shelter 100 meters down Ivar’s trail from the original location. This shelter is a short ski from the Glenmerry parking lot but access is also available from the Mud Lake parking lot via a number of ski trails.

Snowberry Shelter

Snowberry Shelter is the Club’s newest facility, built in 2018. This shelter is located at the junction of Snowberry Trail and Pine Trail and provides both a great rest stop for proficient skiers and a destination for beginners and young families. The shelter location offers a spectacular view towards Gladstone Provincial Park.

USE OF GROOMED TRAILS: Our trail network is not designed for snowshoeing and currently there are no established snowshoe trails. If snowshoeing within our trail network area we request that visitors stay off the groomed trails, travel adjacent to track-set trails and that trail crossings be infrequent and avoid disturbing the tracks set for classic and skate skiing.If you happen to use our cabin or other facilities we would appreciate a donation towards their maintenance. Please note that dogs are not allowed within the ski area.