Trail Conditions

Final Update:  Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Trails that were last tracked: Glenmerry Road, Rossland-Paulson, Connector, Winterberry (From Connector to Mud Lake), Ivar, Snowberry and Old Growth.

Grooming has concluded for the season.

This is my last season as lead groomer and am passing off the role to Chris A for next year.  It has been a great experience working for the Castlegar Nordic Ski Club and I really enjoyed spending time in this wonderful place, with you wonderful people.  Hope everyone enjoys their summer!

Click on the link below for a grooming app we are trying out.  It tracks the trails we groom during the day and updates each day with a chart of when trails were last groomed, length of trails and additional information.

See the Trail Grooming / Track Setting Report below for most recent grooming by trail section.


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Trail Grooming / Track Setting Report

Ski Trail Grooming / Tracking Level Date Last Groomed / Status
(Generally Updated Early Evening)
Single Tracked Double Tracked Packed Only
Ben Shaw 03/20/2021
Booty’s 03/20/2021
Short Loop Crossing 03/23/2021
Mid Loop Crossing 03/10/2021
Mud Lake Loop 03/20/2021
Rossland-Paulson (Ben Shaw to Roller Coaster) 03/23/2021
Rossland-Paulson (Roller Coaster to Glenmerry) 03/23/2021
Rossland-Paulson (Glenmerry to Norwegian) 03/23/2021
Zig-Zag 03/23/2021
Roller Coaster 03/19/2021
Connector 03/23/2021
Glenmerry Road (Parking Lot to Pine) 03/23/2021
Lamb 03/20/2021
Ivar 03/23/2021
Norwegian 03/20/2021
Gloryview 03/20/2021
Pine 03/23/2021
Snowberry 03/23/2021
Seal Creek 03/20/2021
Old Growth 03/23/2021
Ridge (Lower Section) 03/23/2021
Huckleberry 03/23/2021
Winterberry 03/23/2021
Glenmerry Road (Pine to Shelter) 03/23/2021