Trail Conditions

March 25, 2020

Trail grooming and track-setting operations have now concluded for the season.

Trails were last tracked on March 16th.  Continued use of the trails is welcome, however please use caution with changing spring conditions.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, please follow the advice from public health officials to avoid gathering in groups and keep apart while using the trails.  By order from Recreation Sites & Trails BC, the Viking Centre, all trail shelters and outhouses are closed to the public and these facilities are not being cleaned, stocked or maintained.

Have a happy and healthy spring, summer, and fall and our crew will be back grooming the trails in November.

See you next season!



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Trail Grooming / Track Setting Report

Ski Trail Grooming / Tracking Level Date Last Groomed / Status
(Generally Updated Early Evening)
Single Tracked Double Tracked Packed Only
Ben Shaw March 14, 2020
Booty’s March 14, 2020
Short Loop Crossing March 15, 2020
Mid Loop Crossing March 15, 2020
Mud Lake Loop March 16, 2020
Rossland-Paulson (Ben Shaw to Roller Coaster) March 14, 2020
Rossland-Paulson (Roller Coaster to Glenmerry) March 15, 2020
Rossland-Paulson (Glenmerry to Norwegian) March 16, 2020
Zig-Zag March 16, 2020
Roller Coaster March 14, 2020
Connector March 15, 2020
Glenmerry Road (Parking Lot to Pine) March 15, 2020
Lamb March 16, 2020
Ivar March 16, 2020
Norwegian March 16, 2020
Gloryview March 16, 2020
Pine March 15, 2020
Snowberry March 15, 2020
Seal Creek March 15, 2020
Old Growth March 15, 2020
Ridge (Lower Section) March 15, 2020
Huckleberry March 15. 2020
Winterberry March 16, 2020
Glenmerry Road (Pine to Shelter) March 15, 2020