Track Your Location on the Trails with your Phone!

By downloading the free* Avenza Maps app and the Paulson Cross Country Ski Trail Maps to your phone you can track your location while out on the trails in real time!  The app does not require cellular service or internet access to function.

The Avenza Maps app uses your phone’s built-in GPS to precisely track your location with a moving blue dot in real time!  The app also provides a number of other features including the ability to zoom in or out, drop and label placemarks, attach photos, record your track distance & ski time and more.

*The Avenza Maps free subscription allows personal use and up to three maps to be loaded at any one time.

From your Phone:

STEP 1.   Download the Avenza Maps app:


STEP 2.   Download free Trail Maps

a. Paulson Cross Country Ski Trails Map:

Click the map button or scan the QR code below:

b. Browse all Castlegar Nordic Maps (including Troll Loppet maps)

in the Avenza Map Store